Building & Zoning


About City of Harrison Building & Zoning Department

The responsibilities of the Department are numerous and varied. These includes the interpretation of and enforcement of ALL zoning codes including signage, act as staff for both Planning Commission and Board of Zoning Appeals, review all plans submitted for permits, issue permits and Certificates of Occupancy, perform all building inspections, enforce property maintenance codes and provide assistance in the Planning process for the future growth of the City. We pride ourselves in the professional and efficient manner in which we administer these duties and are always willing and anxious to assist both the private and corporate citizens alike in their acquisition of information and permits.

Department's Motivation

The zoning and planning of a City results in the creation of the atmosphere and environment in which all citizens exist. We believe that existence should be in safe, clean and harmonious neighborhoods. We do what we do because we have been given the responsibility to, to the best of our ability, help the City achieve these goals. Harrison is a community with unlimited potential whose only limitation is its own imagination. It is our job to help the people of Harrison both foster that imagination and assist in making their dreams, no matter how big or small, come true within the limits prescribed by the code.