Project Life Saver

About the Program
Project Lifesaver’s mission is to use state of the art technology to assist emergency responders in locating victims who become lost due to wandering. These victims include the elderly and even the youngest in our community who are afflicted with Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Down’s syndrome, Autism and any other special needs.

In July of 2011, the Harrison Fire Department applied for and was awarded a federal grant to assist with the purchase of equipment and training in order to launch Project Lifesaver in this area. Currently, Harrison is the only community in Hamilton County participating in this program.

Individuals enrolled in Project Lifesaver wear a personalized wristband that emits a tracking signal. When caregivers notify 911 that the person is missing, a search and rescue team responds to the wanderer’s last known area and starts searching with the mobile locator tracking system. Search times have been reduced from hours and days to minutes.
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Wandering Facts

  • Wandering, the most life-threatening behavior associated with Alzheimer’s, affects 59% of patients and 45% of those cases end tragically in death if the person is not located within 24 hours.
  • Autism, which is the fastest growing developmental disability that now afflicts 1 in every 88 children, can also cause children to wander.
  • Project Lifesaver agencies have had over 2,500 successful rescues since the program began.
  • The average rescue time is approximately 30 minutes.
  • Currently, over 1,200 agencies, in 46 states, Canada and Australia participate.

For more information about Project Lifesaver please contact Chris Gundrum (513) 367-3710.