Criminal Deterrent Tips

Deterring Criminals
  • Take your keys out of your vehicle
  • Lock your car
  • Park in well-lit areas
  • Park in attended lots
  • Leave only the ignition/door key with the lot attendant
  • Completely close car windows when parking
  • Do not leave valuables in plain view. Place items in your trunk if they must be left in the car
  • Use your garage
  • Lock your garage door and the vehicle inside
  • Replace t-shaped door locks with straight locks
  • Engrave expensive accessories
  • Use tire/wheel locks
  • Install an audible alarm
  • Take out removable radios and face plates
  • Avoid parking between large vehicles (they provide cover)
  • Do not approach your vehicle when a stranger is near it, call 911 or security for an escort
Items to Avoid Leaving in Plain View
  • Address Books
  • Briefcases
  • Cassette Tapes
  • CDs
  • Cell Phones
  • Cigarettes
  • Clothing
  • Console Visors
  • Credit Cards
  • Laptop Computers

  • Money - Loose Change
  • iPods
  • Pagers
  • Purses
  • Radar Detectors
  • Removable Radios
  • Sports Equipment - Golf and Baseball Bags
  • Wallets
  • Weapons
Be Aware of Criminals' Methods & Locations
Entry Methods
  • Break Glass
  • Convertibles
  • Left Unlocked
  • Pried/Jimmied
  • Sliding Windows (Mainly Trucks)
  • Sunroofs
  • Windows Rolled Down or Half-Rolled Down
  • Window Vents
Most Common Points of Entry
  • Side and Rear Window
  • Side Door

    High Risk Areas
    • Apartments
    • Auto Parts/Dealers/Repair Shops
    • Bars
    • Parks
    • Restaurants
    • Shopping Centers
    • Single Family Residences

    Suspicious Actions
    • Checking for Alarms by Bumping or Hitting the Window or Bumpers Sensitivity
    • Looking in Windows
    • Lookouts
    • Nervous Looking
    • Odd Clothing for the Time of Year (Long Coats or Gloves in Summer)
    • Pulling Door Handles