Bike Registration

Have you or your child ever had your bicycle stolen? It’s a terrible feeling, especially if it’s your child’s bike and they’re heartbroken because their favorite “toy” is gone. You call the police and the officer shows up to take a report.

There are several questions the officer asks, what does the bike look like, what is the serial number for the bike, are there any identifiable markings on the bike? What happens if you can’t remember anything about the bike. You never really paid any attention to the details about it. You never wrote down the serial number. You just never thought it would happen to you, and, you never thought you’d need the information. Now you really feel terrible!

Is there a simple way to document all of the information needed for a police report, in the event your bike is ever stolen? Documentation that will be kept on file at the Harrison Police Department so you don’t even have to keep track of the information? Absolutely!

Registration Process
When you purchase a new or used bike, bring it to the Harrison Police Department and fill out a “Bicycle Registration Form”. Any officer or clerk at the police department will be glad to assist you. The information is then cataloged here at the station. Then the officer will give you a registration tag that gets stuck on your bicycle. The tag is virtually indestructible and usually stuck to the frame of the bike. Then if the bicycle is ever stolen, all you have to remember is your name and what the bike looks like.

When you call the police to file a theft report, we will have all the information we need to make an official report and enter your stolen bike into the law enforcement computer network. It’s that simple. If you would like more information call the Harrison Police Department at 513-367-3715.