Sewer charges are per City Ordinance. Sewer charges reflect the cost to retrieve and treat water at the City’s Waste Water Treatment Plant.

Summer Meter Program

Customers who are on our sewer system may purchase a summer meter from the Utilities Office for $150. The meter attaches to the outside spigot and the garden hose. This meter is for outdoor use only (watering lawns and flowers, washing cars, filling swimming pools, etc.). The customer is responsible for calling the Utilities Office and reporting their summer meter reading on the date requested on your bill.

The reading is entered, and the amount of water that passed through the summer meter is deducted from the customer’s sewer consumption. Since water is measured in thousands of gallons, a minimum of 1,000 gallons must pass through the summer meter for the customer to realize a savings.

Storm Sewers vs Regular or Sanitary Sewers

The storm sewers are more accurately called storm collection systems. They carry storm water resulting from rainfall to a creek, river, detention basin, or other storm water collection component. Sewer water is water used in a home, business or factory and is collected for treatment at a waste water treatment facility.