Sewer Policies, Regulations & Fees


(a) It is the policy of the City that utility services, including sewer utilities, shall only be furnished to those properties which are located within the corporate limits of the City.

(b) In the event a property owner outside the corporate boundaries of the City wishes to acquire utility services provided by the City, annexation proceedings by the property owner must be completed pursuant to state law prior to the provision of utility services. (1993 Code 52.02)


(a) Definitions. For the purpose of this section the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.

PRIVATE SEWER: A sewer which is located on public or private property and is used 7 (exclusively to serve 1 or more parcels of private property.

PUBLIC SEWER: All other sewer lines located in the City.

(b) (1) The owner of the premises served by a private sewer shall be responsible for the maintenance, operation, repair, cleaning and reconstruction of the private sewer from the building to the point of connection with the public sewer.

(2) Repair, maintenance, cleaning, reconstruction and operation of the public sewer in a public right-of-way shall be the responsibility of the City.

(c) In the event of a disagreement between the City and a private property owner as to the responsibility for repair, reconstruction or maintenance of a sewer line, proof of responsibility shall be established by requiring a written statement from a sewer cleaner contractor as to the cause of the sewer malfunction. The City shall have the right to verify the sewer cleaner constructor's finding prior to beginning repair or reconstruction. A property clean-out must be in place prior to such repair or reconstruction by the City. (1993 Code 52.03)


No house sewer or sewer from any business house or public building shall be constructed to connect with a public sewer nor shall any connection be made to a public sewer within the City until the written permission of the Director of Public Works has been obtained by the person, firm, or corporation employed to perform the work, or by the owner of the property. An application for a permit signed by the owner, agent, or lessee of the property for which the connection is to be made and by the person, firm, or corporation employed to perform the work shall be filed with the Director. It shall describe the property and state the fixtures to be connected and shall be accompanied by a fee as provided by ordinance. (1993 Code 52.10)


(a) Before any person connects to or discharges sewage into the sewer system or extends the use of the sewer system on his premises to additional dwelling, commercial, manufacturing, or other units, he shall pay to the City a fee for connecting to and discharging sewage into the sewer system.

(b) Unless otherwise approved by Council, each building using water shall have its own connection to the sewer system.

(c) All connections shall be made in accordance with the County Department of Building and Department of Health and the rules and regulations of this City. (1993 Code 52.15)


The fee for accessing the sanitary sewer system in the City shall be as follows:

(a) For access to a sanitary sewer where the City does not participate in the cost of construction of said sanitary sewer:

(1) Residential:

A. Single family dwelling: $5,000


B. Multiple family dwelling: Based on the size of the water service entry branch for the first unit, plus $650 per each additional unit.

(2) Hotel/motel: Based on the size of the water service entry branch for the first unit, plus $325 per each additional unit.

(3) Commercial/Industrial: Fees to be based on the size of the water service entry branch as follows:

Inches Fee

5/8 -3/4-inch: $5,600

1-inch: $7,800

1.5-inch: $12,200

2-inch: $21,800

3-inch: $44,700

4-inch: $62,700

6-inch: $122,800

8-inch: $273,100


(Ord. 5-23. Passed 3-21-23)

(b) For access to a sanitary sewer where the City participates in the cost of construction of said sanitary sewer: twice the charges specified in division (a).

(c) The access fee for a multiple purpose building shall be based on the number of residential units plus the commercial/industrial fees as specified in division (a) or (b) above.

(d) Access fees not enumerated shall be determined by the Utilities Committee of Council and in proportion to fees for uses shown above. The Utilities Committee of Council shall hear and decide appeals from determination of fees.

(e) An additional fee shall be charged for each unit created or added to a consumer's premises in excess of the number for which access fees have been paid to the City and shall be calculated as additional units. Additional fees for commercial/industrial additions or expansions shall be charged only if the size of the water service entry branch is increased or an additional water service entry branch is added. If the water service entry branch size is increased, fees shall be calculated based on the difference of fees for the existing size and the new size. Additional water service entry branches will be charged the same as specified in divisions (a) and (b) above. (Ord. 39-2001. Passed 8-21-01 .)


(a) (1) The following shall be the monthly rates for the supplying of sewer system services by the City, based on metered water consumption, or as otherwise furnished to the premises:

Effective Date Minimum Charge 
 First 2,000 Gallons 
Additional 1,000 Gallons 
June 1, 2008$14.44$7.22
Jan. 1, 2009$15.88$7.94
Jan. 1, 2010$17.47$8.73
Jan. 1, 2011$19.22$9.60
Jan. 1, 2012$21.14$10.56

(Ord. 6-07. Passed 3-20-07.)

(2) For those users of the sewage treatment system discharging effluent to the system which is not metered through water consumption, the above rates shall apply based upon estimated flow to the sewage treatment system as determined by the Director of Public Works. (Ord. 41-98. Passed 11-17-98.)

(b) With the only exceptions being those so stipulated in Sections 935.06 to 935.09 and 935.20 to 935.24, the above rates and charges shall be applied as follows:

(1) Inside corporation limits.

A. The foregoing rates shall apply to all owners of improved property within the corporate limits, for which sewer service is available whether or not such property is connected to the system.

B. A single user, metered as such, shall be billed on the metered water consumption.

C. Where 1 meter is used to meter water consumption collectively for:

1. One or more apartment buildings;

2. One or more multi-tenant buildings;

3. One or more multi-purpose buildings;

4. A house-trailer or mobile home court or park, or any combination thereof, the monthly charge shall be the greater of:

a. The number of users times the minimum rate; or

b. If the metered water consumption is in excess of the number of users times 2,000 gallons (minimum), the charge shall be the number of users times the minimum rate plus the applicable rate for water consumption in excess of the total allowable minimum gallonage.

D. When required, the owner, lessee or manager of the aforementioned shall advise the Director of Public Works of the number of users located therein or thereon for 1 day or more of a given billing period.

(2) :Outside corporation limits. The rates charged to users outside corporation limits shall be the same as those within the corporation limits, plus 30%, except users in Indiana and those now under contract with the City or who may hereafter be covered by contract. (1993 Code 52.32)


In the event a multi-purpose building is occupied and used in its entirety by its owner or lessee, the owner or lessee shall be billed on the metered usage. For each unit of a multi-purpose building not occupied or used by the owner or lessee, the owner or lessee shall also be charged the minimum for each such unit. (1993 Code 52.33)


Should a request for consideration of a sewer billing be deemed reasonable by the City, 1-half of the billing shall be paid, when due, pending final disposition by the City. The decision of the City shall be final and the balance owed, if any, shall be paid within 7 days, or, a refund, if any, shall be paid within 7 days. It is to be understood that any decision by the City shall not necessarily establish a precedent for any future request for the consideration of a sewer billing. (1993 Code 52.34)

TO DISPUTE YOUR BILL, either contact by email or send letter via regular mail (be sure to include name, address and phone number) to:

Harrison Public Works

300 George Street

Harrison, OH 45030