Water Valve & Pit Specs

Local Valve Information
  • All Valves are to left-hand open.
  • All Valves to be operable through a cast iron box according to size of valve.
Street Box
  • 4 and 10-inch Valves
  • Cast iron box
  • 2 pc. with lid (adjustable)
  • 12 inches and over Valves
  • Cast iron box
  • 3 pc. with lid (adjustable)
Curb Box
  • Cast iron box
  • 2 pc. with lid (adjustable)
Valve Chambers in Rural Areas
  • Water main to be polywrapped
  • Class 55 ductile iron pipe up to 8 inches
    Class 56 ductile iron pipe 10 inches and over
  • All services to be “K” copper up to 2 inches over 2 inches ductile iron
  • See spec sheet for meter settings
  • Fire hydrants are to be Kennedy K81 A left-hand open with 5 sided operating nuts and self draining with old Cincinnati threads on nozzles with watch valve, installed to proper elevation.
Rural Area Meter Specifics
  • All fittings should be compression or flair
  • Meter Box and valve box shall be level and at finish grade
  • Meter shall be centered in box meter Ford FV43-666 W(1 - 1/2) or FV-43-777 W (2 inches)
  • All copper shall be type K equivalent
  • All shall be backfilled with sand 6 inches below and 12 inches above pipe and inlet valve of meter
  • PVC plastic crock
  • Ford lid Mc-30-T with 1 3/4-inch hole
  • Locking inlet and outlet valves with double check on
  • No fitting permitted between corp stop and curb stop
  • Any and all exceptions to be determined by the inspector
Meter Setting
  • All fittings should be of compression type
  • Meter box shall be installed at level
  • Distance from meter box lid and face of meter shall be 15 inches to 18 inches
  • meter shall be centered in box
  • ALL copper shall be of TYPE K
  • ALL boxes shall be at finished grade
  • Backfill with sand in Township
  • Meter pit no more than 10 inches from main into yard
Meter Specifics
  • Cooporation stop threaded into main unless although flair will be accepted otherwise required by City to use tapping saddle.
  • Curb box over curb stop with detectable lid to finished grade.
  • Ford meter box W3C, plastic crock, with WA-3L-2T lid 1 7/8-inch hole.
  • Inlet valve with locking ears
  • Ford Y-502 meter yoke
  • Double Check Valve 6-inch  below and 12-inch above copper pipe
Multi Meter Illustration

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