Division of Fire

Arson Investigation

The Harrison Joint Arson Task Force is a cooperative effort of Firefighters and Police Officers within the City of Harrison utilized to investigate any and all fires, conduct interviews, obtain search warrants, detain and arrest suspects involved in fire related crimes in its jurisdiction.

If you have any information regarding a fire, please call 513-367-4194.

Long Lay Program

This program identifies, preplans and marks the distance of all driveways or properties in the Harrison Fire Department response area located within the State of Ohio, that are 900 feet or greater from a fire hydrant or any other water source used for fire protection. The preplanning and marking of driveways greatly improves our effectiveness to perform life rescue, fire control and property conservation.

Signage is placed in 900 feet increments. The number on the sign closest to the street is the total number of Fire Engines needed to establish a water supply to reach that resident.

Please help us keep these signs clear and accessible. If you live on a long driveway and do not yet have a sign, please feel free to call the station 513-367-4194.
Long Lay Program