What is the ISO rating for the Harrison Fire Department?
Our current rating is a 2. This number is a factor in your homeowner's insurance. The lower the number, you could receive lower premiums for your insurance, depending on the company. The ISO rating is from 10 - 1. With "1" being the best.

There are many factors considered when determining the ISO rating. Just about every aspect of a city and a fire department is evaluated. Points are given for everything from the training aids a fire department owned to the distance between fire hydrants. ISO wanted fire departments to conduct 20 hours of training per man, each month, in order to maximize points for every training aid. Historically, very few cities ever received a "Class 1" rating. There have been times where only one city, out of the nation, would receive a "1". Presently there may be as many as 40+ cities with a "1" rating in the U.S. This is still a small percentage when one considers the thousands of communities nationwide.

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